Photo by Zac Richey 

I am the Social Media Manager for BBTF. I began as an intern but now Lenore and Rick are stuck with me (teehee!) as we dismantle the current model that Off-Broadway is structured on, which is pay-to-play, financially prohibitive, inherently racist, exclusionary and oppressive.

In my capacity as a member of BBTF's Anti-Racist Advisory Board, we have eliminated our double blind policy, updated our critiquing rubric, examined the way white theatremakers gate-keep non-white stories, reevaluated the lack of accessibility in Broadway and Off Broadway spaces, and of course, tackled what it means to be "Broadway Bound." We ultimately are striving to be a platform for artists, writers, and storytellers to produce works that shine light on inequities and bring truth to audiences. 

I feel so blessed to be able to make STATEMENTS in alignment with BBTF's mission as I run our social media pages. Here are some of them. Click the graphic to see the full post, including full captions, sources, and any other graphics attached to the message.

I also began a series called Artistically Speaking, where I interview BBTF's current playwrights. 20 different playwrights with different stories and goals. The purpose of running these interviewing and producing them on our Youtube is to disrupt the inequities of American society with the power of empathy through the creative process and presentation of theatre.


It's been an honor hearing each thought process and learning how art manifests itself. Interviewing is an art in itself damn. 


I promote CRAFT Courses! I design flyers for these revolutionary, reimaginative courses, and occasionally support other initiatives. I also edit trailers in preparation of the CRAFT institute's video archive. 

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I am the East Coast Events Director at the Collegiate Association for Artists of Color, founded by Morgan Burns! The purpose of the Collegiate Association for Artists of Color is to provide creative support, a unified community, and equal opportunity platforms alongside instrumental tools for students of color to pursue their crafts fully on both an institutional level and beyond. 

C.A.A.C. events curates culturally inclusive events and programs in alignment with this mission. Sending hugs and acknowledgement to the folks that help make these events happen: Lauren Huynh, Zakiya Johnson, Roberto Méndez, and Axel Estrada. Fostering intersectional relationships for artists of color as well as a network of care and connection, we created CAAC's recurring events: Converse & Celebrate, UNPAAC with CAAC, Vibe Check, Speed Meeting, and Playroom. 


We also partner with like-minded organizations and individuals to host a range of collaborative programming championing advocacy, education, and power for all people. These are found through  Creative Talkbacks, Performances, Professional Development Workshops, Open Mic Nights, and Transformative Lectures for Justice. Here are some of the events I curated last semester: 


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