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Born in 1999, I grew up in San Jose, CA in the East Side San Jose School District with my Dad, George Anthony Goes, my mom, Olivia Bautista Goes, and my sibling, Six, in a biracial household. I am of Filipina and Caucasian decent; I am the daughter of an immigrant. With a natural tendency to be loud, my artistic gatherings began in 2008. My Nana and Papa introduced studying voice with the Brigitte Doss-Johnson, dance with Marie Stinnett, and performing at Children's Musical Theatre San Jose.  

My artistic gatherings soon became artistic wanderings as I pursued a BFA in Drama from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts (New Studio on Broadway). There I learned the power of colorblindness. I learned the power of a racialized body. I woke up from my lethargic state of mind and began my journey to understand grace, humility, and self healing.

It took me all of college to legitimize self healing. It started with finally embracing my Filipina-ness and my South Asian-ness. Then it transitioned to being in a constant, internal battle of wanting to fight every institution I was a part of. Recognizing the privilege it is to be able to fight at all, I grew toxically independent and rejected most teachings. I wanted to jump into the dismantling of these oppressive systems, but how could I when I have been perpetuating these systems by whole life. There was a lack of alignment between what I was breathing and what I was dreaming

Then the pandemic hit. Being alone and able to see my existence independently from any outside influences or structure, was when shit went down. In a wonderful way. Who am I? What am I doing? What do I want to do?

I am Emily Goes. A Mixed Filipina American with the platform, privilege, and power to see and speak. I've taken most of my life trying to join someone else's table, instead of creating and celebrating my own. I currently live in New York City with my husband and life partner, Minh Đỗ. We have made a couple short films under his production company, Bai-Ka, including the international award-winning, Lời Ru, and a creative, visual, dance poem, What That Means to Me. He brings me joy and strength everyday. I am the Operations Associate for the Broadway Advocacy Coalition. I am also the Director of Digital Marketing and Design at The CRAFT Institute. Two beautiful organizations I would stand behind any day.  I am healthy. My family and loved ones are healthy. Health is wealth

I look forward to fueling the possibilities within storytelling internationally and continuing to be an artist in productive, intersectional, conscious, and system altering ways. I send my love and energy to my Lola with every step I take.   

Work Experience

Nov 2021 - PRESENT

Operations Associate, Broadway Advocacy Coalition

  • Assisting in generalized administrative and clerical tasks including processing and collecting payroll, expenses, W9s, and invoices.

  • Serving as an initial point of contact regarding human resources for the organization and ensuring that all team members are supported as needed by the organization

  • Working with the Executive Director on executing donor engagement

  • Supporting Event Production

Thank you BAC Family!

SEPT 2021 - Nov 2021

Receptionist, 321 Theatrical Management

  • I receive and screen all incoming calls and connect them to the appropriate people

  • Schedule the conference room calendars

  • Manage conference room technical equipment

  • Assist all office tenants - including our General Managers - with daily needs

  • Pick up any projects from our Associate GMs and GM Assistants 

October 2020 - PRESENT

Director of Digital Marketing and Design, The CRAFT Institute

  • Handle the company’s online presence – regularly update the company’s website and various social media accounts

  • Curate graphics and video trailers for revolutionary courses and mentorship programs for artists of the global majority

  • Facilitate Youtube live streaming using OBS and Davinci Resolve software

  • Support Digital Marketing Internship program


Much admiration and appreciation for Monica, Mauricio, Eve, Ciara, and the CRAFT family.

JAN 2020 - OCT 2021

Social Media Manager, Broadway Bound Theatre Festival

  • Conduct day-to-day production coordination, planning and implementation across 20 playwrights

  • Spearheads conceptualization and implementation of marketing campaigns, social media posts and online presence

  • Run Front of House Management during Sept 7 - Oct 3 run at Theatre Row

  • Dismantle the current model that Off-Broadway is structured on

SUMMER 2020 - JUNE 2021

East Coast Programming Director, CAAC

  • Curate culturally inclusive events and programs for students

  • Partner with like-minded organizations and individuals to host a range of collaborative programming championing advocacy, education and power for all people


Theatre Youth Teacher, Tabard Theatre

Leading children’s summer camps to create a theatrical show and engage in activities and training including improv, monologue work, movement exploration, and theater history to brighten young minds to all that can be in their confident & imaginative future. Thank you Cathy and Joe Cassetta for always seeing so much more in me than I seem to imagine. 

SUMMER 2016 - WINTER 2019

Entertainment, Cedar Fair's CA's Great America

For multiple seasons, I was a full time Entertainment Department Performer. Performed in productions: 40 Seasons of Summer (Rookie Performer of the Year), Mistletones, Hot Rhythm Nights, Cable Car Connection. 



NYU Tisch School of the Arts

BFA Drama


Shanghai Theatre Academy

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