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Short bio: Emily Anne Goes, born and raised in East Side San Jose, is a Filipino New York-based performer and pathfinder. She currently co-conspires with The CRAFT Institute as the Director of Marketing and Communications and a supports the marketing of and #BlackTheatreDay. Previously, she proudly served as the Operations Manager for Broadway Advocacy Coalition, and now works as a consultant for their annual Arts in Action Festival. Emily attended New York University Tisch School of the Arts and completed her BFA in Drama in 2020. Emily loves to perform and is a part of the Artist Company of Kinding Sindaw, learning to assert and preserve Filipino indigenous traditions and reflect on the resilience and resistance of the Moro people against centuries of colonization under Spanish rule. Gratefully standing on the shoulders of those before her, Emily sees and feels her family with each breath.


More: Born in 1999, I grew up in San Jose, CA in the East Side San Jose School District with my Dad, George Anthony Goes, my mom, Olivia Bautista Goes, and my sibling, Six, in a biracial household. I am of Filipina and Caucasian decent + I am the daughter of an immigrant. With a natural tendency to be loud, my artistic gatherings began in 2008. My Nana and Papa introduced studying voice with the Brigitte Doss-Johnson, dance with Marie Stinnett, and performing at Children's Musical Theatre San Jose.  

My artistic gatherings soon became artistic wanderings as I pursued a BFA in Drama from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts (New Studio on Broadway). There I learned what it meant to have a racialized body. I woke up from my lethargic state of mind and began my journey to understand grace, humility, and self healing.

It took me all of college to legitimize self healing and then some. It started with finally embracing my Filipina-ness and my South East Asian-ness. Then it transitioned to being in a constant, internal battle of wanting to fight every institution I was a part of. Recognizing the privilege it is to be able to fight at all, I grew toxically independent and rejected most teachings. I wanted to jump into the dismantling of these oppressive systems, but how could I when I have been perpetuating these systems by whole life. There was a lack of alignment between what I was breathing and what I was dreaming

I currently live in New York City with my husband and life partner, Minh Đỗ. I am a singer, dancer and performer and often find myself in spaces as a freelance Arts Administrator and Operations Manager. Minh and I have made a couple short films under Minh's production company, Bai-Ka, including the international award-winning, Lời Ru, a creative, visual, dance poem, What That Means to Me, and a short film that follows a day in the life of my mom, Olivia. I dance and work with Kinding Sindaw, asserting and preserving indigenous Filipino traditions and reclaiming ancestral identity. I work with The CRAFT Institute and, to uplift pathways for global majority artists through programming such as The International Black Theatre Summit and #BlackTheatreDay. I am also the previous Operations Manager at Broadway Advocacy Coalition and currently work as the Programmatic Committee Chair for their Arts in Action Festival.  

I am represented by Shushu Entertainment. 

I love my friends and family dearly and have my happiest moments when in intentional, present community with others. We love to eat, cook, drink, dance, write, talk about our dreams, sing, play sports, and have fun in the sun together. I also have found so much joy traveling with my husband. I've visited Mexico, China, Vietnam, Japan, Philippines, Poland, Germany and the UK, with most of these visits in the company of Minh.

I look forward to fueling the possibilities within storytelling internationally and continuing to be an artist in productive, intersectional, conscious, and system altering ways. I send my love and energy to my Lola with every step I take.   



NYU Tisch School of the Arts

BFA Drama


Shanghai Theatre Academy

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