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I am Emily! Hi! 

I swim in the sunshine that my family has paved.
I use disruption as a practice.
I fight for the truth, joy, and value.
Rest and restoration is essential.

Never be slowed down by those who have yet to wake up from their lethargic state of mind.

Along with love, anger is also necessary and beautiful.

Photo by Zac Richey

This is me


I am a Mixed Filipino-American. At the heart of my artistic mission lies my love for my family and ancestors. Read more about me here

I embrace the tidal wave of equitable life and death, transmit wisdom into power, and disrupt intersectional injustices through creative processes. 

Photo by Marc Franklin

My family

Olivia Bautista Goes, my mom! 
George Goes, my dad! 
Six Goes / @boycottmono, my sibling!
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