I am an abolitionist.

I swim in the sunshine that my parents have paved.

I use disruption as a practice.


I embrace a bullshit free diet.

I fight for the truth, joy, and value in Brown and Black lives.

Gender is fake.

Rest and restoration is essential to liberation work.

Never be slowed down by those who have yet to wake up from their lethargic state of mind.

Along with love, anger is also necessary and beautiful.

Photo by Ana Fangayen 

This is me


Broadway Bound Theatre Festival provides the platform to support performing artists become self-producing theatre-makers 


The purpose of the Collegiate Association for Artists of Color is to provide creative support, a unified community, and equal opportunity platforms alongside instrumental tools for students of color to pursue their crafts fully on both an institutional level and beyond.

How I support

The CRAFT Institute is dedicated to curating culturally inclusive ecosystems throughout the world of arts and entertainment by transforming formal training and industry practices while promoting equitable success


I am a Mixed Filipino-American. At the heart of my artistic mission lies my love for my family and ancestors. 

Decolonize, consider, celebrate, move forward.

I do this through a few ways. 

Critical Thinking  Writing 
Graphic Designing 

 Anti-Racism   Social Media

Event Planning   Performance

Creative Initiatives

That is my Papa's hand!

Photo by Zac Richey 

With this domain, I have a couple goals. 

First a foremost, I hope to bring light to the organizations I proudly work for. BBTF, CAAC, and The CRAFT Institute have provided spaces for me to reimagine what art can contain for me, as well as the global majority.  

I hope to also write. Create a blog of some sort to personally dissect ideas of self worth, self care, reflection, transformative justice, and abolition within White American, capitalistic spaces. A diary mwahaha. Hopefully an intellectual one at that. 

Finally I hope to provide resources of support. I know I have a lot of white friends and family with money. So, I will provide petitions, donation buttons, and articles as I run into them to uplift spaces that need more attention. These spaces will be in support of liberation of Brown and Black bodies, democracy, health, and immigration.  The government will not reallocate funds, so it is our duty. 

Friends &


I hold dearly that the work I commit myself to is deeply influenced by  the individuals and organizations that I have worked with to find justice through creative processes. 

I celebrate. 

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

My family

Olivia Bautista Goes, my mom! 
Georg Goes, my dad! 
Sam Goes / @glommcos, my sibling!